Hanging out with Different People

My mom,  this lovely woman, has a best friend. She and Mrs. K have been neighbors for over fifteen years and absolutely adore each other. They go on almost daily evening walks and discuss every aspect of their lives. Kids, marriages, friendships, careers, and happiness are all up for conversation. At first glance, they seem so similar. After all, both are Asian women, each have two kids, and they even work at the same place! But, my mom is spontaneously wild and free-spirited while Mrs. K is careful and reserved. My mom described it perfectly.

“Whenever Mrs. K has a decision to make- big or small- she always thinks about it for a long time. She thinks of every consequence, and prays so hard to God to help her make the right choice.  I wish I was more like her! I don’t do that. I love to plunge right in. Sometimes that’s great, but other times, I wish I had thought about it first.”

My mom has told me that she loves her friendship with Mrs. K because they can show each other what the other is doing wrong. We all have flaws that we can’t see in ourselves right?