My mom lies on her side in bed and watches Taiwanese TV shows on her iPhone every night. She gets into bed early. Around 9pm. Even on the weekends.

I came home late today and quietly set my bags down. I crept into her room. Laughter erupted from her small device and I knew she was still awake.

“Honey, I set the temperature in your room a little higher today. So you will be warm. Don’t worry about Mom. I’m very warm under my goose down covers.”

And a tear rolled down my cheek. Because that was the sweetest thing that has ever been said to me.


The Cutest Video of Animals Being Jerks

This video is hilarious!! I fell over laughing! My favorite scene is at 2:45 where a cat, sitting up on a ledge, reaches down and pulls the tail of another cat. Then the cat who had his tail pulled looks behind him, thinks its the third cat who did it, and attacks him instead of the one on the ledge!

P.S. Just a tip- I like to watch it with the music off. The techno beat is awesome, but just a little too distracting for me 🙂