It’s the Weekend!

crabHappy Weekend! I’m going crabbing for the first time today. Crabs aren’t quite as delicious as lobsters, but I am excited nonetheless! Anyway, here are some cool sites that I found this week.

I have been daydreaming since I was in kindergarten. My teachers said it was a bad thing, but I still do it =).

This made me laugh…and feel kind of sad. Don’t we all get a little insecure sometimes about being this person?

This woman has made a mark on all our iPhones.

Average is beautiful.

Ahhh I want to surf with dolphins! 

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Ok I’m convinced…where do I submit my resume??

Jamie Dimon, will you adopt me?

Let’s get uncomfortable. Because if we resist it, it’ll happen anyway.

So this is what the insides of the Twitter IPO looks like.

Don’t eat this at fast food places.

Can’t stop listening to this song.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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Spaghetti Sundae

Spaghetti SundaeThe newest food trend in NYC is here! Would you eat a Spaghetti Sundae? According to, Dolce Gelateria is now serving ice cream sundaes that look just like little bowls of spaghetti. It is entirely made out of dessert. Vanilla ice cream is put through a spaghetti pasta maker, and strawberry or raspberry sauce is spooned on top.

See how it’s made:


*Everything here including the photo, video and links are from (my guilty pleasure celebrity news site).

Weirdest Places to Eat


I saw a guy eating a full-fledged BLT burger while boarding the commuter train. And since everyone around was (most likely) a weary NYC commuter, no one batted an eye when they saw it!

It reminded me of a time I was in college and running late for an exam that started at exactly 1:10 in the afternoon. I was so nervous that I had forgotten to eat breakfast and lunch, and I was starving. I got both pizza and a giant foot long sub from the dining hall. Then I boarded a jam-packed school bus that would take me to my exam. I was squeezed up against double doors with a sub in one hand and a pizza slice in another. I couldn’t help but take a bite of the sub. Then the pizza. Then the sub again. And pizza. Soon I gave up and just wolfed down both things.

Other weird places that I’ve eaten in:

-McDonalds at a pharmacy

-A whole meal complete with fried rice during Chinese language class in high school (at least it was culturally appropriate)

-Chocolate in the dentist’s waiting room

-Waffles (accidentally) during a moment of silence for a recently deceased faculty member during a school assembly

Also, I have a huge sweet tooth and especially love cake. Here are times/places that I have found are inappropriate for cake consumption:

-While standing next to a homeless person (I’m so sorry. I did give them a bagel once I realized)

-Forever21 stores

-At the gym while on the treadmill

-At the library (even if it is in the corner)

-While consoling a friend

Where is the weirdest place you have ever eaten? Did you get in trouble for it?


My beautiful picture

I arrived in Chicago, super hungry, on Sunday night. After I set down my things in the hotel room I hit the streets in search of food. I was lucky enough to come upon this AMAZING Chicago hot dog place that also serves great pasta and salads. I’ve eaten at Portillo’s for two dinners in a row now and I can’t stop. I’m going back to try the Italian beef sandwich tomorrow. And probably get the hot dog again.  I mean, would you be able to resist this?

portillo hot dog