It’s the Weekend!

ImageEveryone on WordPress, please let me introduce you to my new best friend. She is the reason why I haven’t been posting as much. Let’s all take a moment to be mad at the GREs (and simultaneously hope that I do well on them in January!).

And here are some interesting links for the weekend!

A powerful story from a doctor about healing and growth.

Beautiful snowflakes.

I’m very much a meerkat! What are you?

If you want to take the Myers-Briggs test, here is a link.

Do you abide by the “Hell Yes” Rule? (I’m sorry I’m not comfortable enough with the F word to post it here. It is a learned discomfort…but one I’m ok with not changing.)

I’m moving back to NYC in January!!! Should I make this my new bucket list?

And this for a food bucket list?

Very intriguing ideas here: “If you can’t take advantage of someone, you shouldn’t interact with him or her” and “If someone can’t take advantage of you, you should stop interacting with him or her.” I very much agree. Do you?

God’s lessons during seasons of unemployment.

Paid friends. Interesting. Wonder if I will ever experience that kind of friendship. Probably only as the one who is getting paid.

Finally, another funny interaction between my mom and I.

“Mom, when I move back to New York, I think I want to take up volunteering.”

She paused. And hesitated. She spoke slowly.

“That’s great. But….maybe you should go to the gym.”

“Mom! I haven’t gained weight!”

She click-clicked her tongue. “Yes, but you don’t exercise too much. That’s not healthy. Go to yoga class or something. Look at Mommy. I am so so healthy now.”

“I did exercise today. I accidentally ordered lunch from a sushi place I thought was 2 blocks from my office, but it turned out that they moved to a place near Penn Station. And I walked 20+ blocks to get my lunch!”

“What did you get?”

“Thai Fried flounder and rice.”

“I see….”

“Fine, I’ll join a gym.”


Well, that’s all! Have a great weekend, guys =)


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