All Februaries Are The Same

I’m definitely on a poetry high these days. Here is a beautiful poem by the incredibly creative Jaime Derringer.

All Februaries Are The Same

-Jaime Derringer

If ever a bouquet of flowers were to bloom
from my eyes
And pollinate my lips with exquisite spores
of pearls—
I would die before this day.
Pure blood clots my irises
And, my dear, your hand is all I need.
I wish,
that I could touch
touch you
just once before life swallows you.
Why can’t you return to the firmament
from which you came
and be released like the rain on my tongue
some February I wait for?
Yearn for the days of heavy bodies
lying entwined
only the burden of sleep upon our backs.
so close
like a heartbeat in my ear
it passes warmly by me
like your face lightly on mine.
Hours go by
known only to you and me.
Time melts
as we abandon February
and enter the garden of spring.


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