It’s the Weekend!

bbqHey guys, it has been awhile since the last post, right? I’ve been working on a project that will go through January. I will be taking time  off from blogging to focus on this project and regular work. But before I do that, here’s a weekend post! I’m going to my friend Angela’s for one last BBQ before winter arrives. Guess what we’ll be eating there?

Angela BBQ

Soo yup…I’ll be eating venison later on today.

Here are some great links that I found this week:

Good writing vs. Talented writing.

These parents are really nailing this parenting thing. 

Sorry in advance for these images, guys, but these fashion blogger boyfriends are so hot.

What a beautiful ring.

Such a cool NYC loft!

I do not believe in love anymore. These two were my favorite celebrity couple!!

Crest gives kids healthy-flavored Halloween candy. Their reactions are priceless!

Weird things you didn’t realize that everybody does.

Wow. Did you know AirBnB has made a huge impact on NYC?

Do you think this will actually take off?

The ocean is broken. Very sad read.

Can’t stop listening to this song.

Have a good weekend! And look for new stuff here starting February =).


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