How I did on my To-Do List


Hey guys, guess what. I did pretty badly on my To-Do list. I’m so sad. Here is an honest look at how I did. Red stands for “did not accomplish” and crossed out stands for “accomplished”.

  • Get 8 hours of sleep
  • Be kind
  • Do some kind of workout
  • Think about how great life is
  • Think about life goals
  • Stand up straight (partially accomplished)
  • Say hello to everyone
  • Eat 5 servings of vegetables
  • Eat less ice cream. And brownies and cookies. And cake

What an ugly list. Here is what happened. 

Get 8 hours of sleep. I got up super early today to run an errand. Slept at 12am yesterday and got up at 5:30am today. 5 and a half hours of sleep in total.

Be Kind. I woke up at 5:30am, finished the errand by 8:30 (it was a lot more frustrating than I thought it would be), worked from 9-6pm, went to an event until 9pm, and missed my 9:44pm train by four minutes. I had to wait an hour for the 10:44pm train. During the time I was waiting at the train station, I chatted with my mom on the phone. This random guy approached me and said something. I didn’t hear what he was saying at first. I just knew that he was preventing me from hearing my mom. Then I heard, “Are you talking to someone important?” I nodded up and down. He continued, “Is it for business? Is that why it’s important?” I said, “I’m talking to my mother!!!!” and motioned furiously at the phone. He walked away. I was not so kind to him.

Do some kind of workout. I did 8 minute abs and got 14,785 steps on my pedometer. Does that count?

Think about how great life is. Check.

Think about life goals. Double check.

Stand up straight. Only when I remembered to.

Say hello to everyone. I think I got most people, but not everyone. I still get intimidated by some people I admire. Whenever I go to say hello to them, it kind of goes like, “Hhhh…………..” The H starts out strong, but then I manage to turn it into a cough/weird noise because I’m afraid that person might say, “Why the heck is this strange girl saying hi to me?”

Eat 5 servings of vegetables. Nope.

Eat less ice cream, brownies, cookies, and cake. I ate three brownies, a muffin top, and some ice cream today. Major fail =(


So all in all a failed day and a failed to-do list. Oh well, I can always try again tomorrow =)

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