Do Guys Enjoy Spa Treatments?


With a trusty Groupon in hand, I am off to get a facial tomorrow! I’m picturing myself picking out lotions and face masks, and choosing between scents like lavender and rose petal. I am mesmerized already.

The person who scheduled my appointment was a male. And it got me thinking. Do guys (willingly) get spa treatments? I asked a bunch of my guy friends and most said they would only consider getting massages. They couldn’t even think about walking into nail salons, getting facials, hanging out in a mud baths, or getting waxes (Ok, I kind of understand why guys wouldn’t go for the last one…).

Why do guys shy away from spa treatments? Do they really dislike them, or do they secretly want to get massages, facials, and etc., but are too embarrassed to admit it?

Guys with interests in massages and more!

Friends. Chandler getting a massage.

Suits. Louis in a mud bath.

Family Guy. Stewie trying to sell facial cleanser.

Picture at Top


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