Siblings Keep You Grounded


My friend, Victoria, has three sisters. Can you imagine growing up with three other females? Anyone with a sister knows it involves a lot of arguing over bathroom rights, secret borrowing of clothes, and constant competition to be better in everything. My own sister and I still look at each other suspiciously whenever our favorite items of clothing go missing. And we don’t even live together anymore (it happens during visits, I swear!!).

Victoria once described her relationships with her sisters as a blessing. She said something like, “Back when we were younger, if I tried to leave the house in a dress I thought looked cute but apparently wasn’t, my sisters would straight up tell me. They’d say, that is the ugliest dress ever. Go back and change!”

Siblings keep you grounded because they are one of the only people in the world who will tell you the truth. They are not afraid to make fun of you or insult you. Sometimes it hurts, but you grow from it. You learn that you have been going out in unfashionable outfits and that you’ve been dating awful people. They’ll definitely let you know when you are being ridiculous. Basically, siblings (and any other people who are so close to you that they are like siblings) help you learn the truth about yourself.

Humility requires self-awareness. How can we know if we are below someone if we don’t actually know where we stand? Are you self-aware?

Pictures of my sister and I!

Last one was from graduation day, stolen from my sister’s Facebook =)




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