It’s the Weekend!


Happy Weekend! I made a schedule for Saturday and Sunday. It involves cooking, studying, cleaning and hopefully seeing Gravity (I’ve been wanting to see it so badly! I heard Sandra Bullock is amazing. Is that true??) I found some pretty cool links this week. Here they are:

This kid makes me feel so good about my accomplishments.

Maps of NYC- How New Yorkers Feel About Each Other. LOL @ the least attractive people poll! Can’t believe they actually asked that.

Would you live where you work? Or live with people you work with?

I am a saver. But now I understand the mindset of spenders, and it makes pretty good sense.

An inside look at the unveiling of the first iPhone.

Yup. We’re all gonna marry our parents.

I once attended an interview featuring Jessica Alba, who was there to promote her book, The Honest Life. I think she is amazing for starting The Honest Company. She talks about her venture into the business world in this video.

Cool apartment buildings.

Who owns our debt?

According to this article, multitasking is bad. Who’s guilty of multi-tasking? *raises hand*

Can’t stop listening to this song.


Enjoy the weekend!

Picture at Top

Picture on Bottom 


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