Humility has been a topic on my mind. This is how Google defines humility.

  1. a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.

And this is what Wikipedia has to say about humility.

As you can see, humility is a concept known by most people. But what is it and what does it look like in daily life? Is it resisting praise when we reach outward success? Is it allowing someone else to take credit? Is it volunteering during your spare time?

I’ll be exploring the topic of humility this week. Send any blog post ideas on humility to my email! And join me this week if you’re interested =).

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One thought on “Humility

  1. My two cents.
    Humility- understanding ones place knowing that there is somebody other there greater than oneself. At the same time, if one excels at one area, he or she does not put themselves as superior over others below their level. Thoughts?

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