Schedule Time For Yourself


I am trapped in a zombie’s body. This has been the craziest week so far. Since Monday, I’ve been sleeping at around 2am, and getting up at 6am to catch the commuter train to NYC. I’m so tired! I’m so grumpy! I just want to take a very long nap!

Since moving back to NJ, my weeks have flown by. It seems like my life is a never-ending series of eat, sleep, work, meet (with friends), and repeat!

A lot of young professionals who are just getting started in the real-world have hectic lives like mine. We work ourselves to exhaustion because we still need to prove our worth. We make efforts to see friends multiple times per week because right now is our prime time for relationship building. We study at night in hopes of making it to grad school one day or we stay up late working on side projects, hoping that our entrepreneurial ideas will make us the next David Karp or Clara Shih.

We work so hard, but the fact is, we need rest. As humans, we all need to sit down and recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally. But between work and all our activities, how do we find the time?

The secret is…….you schedule it.  Schedule blocks of time, specifically for relaxation, into your calendar before the week begins. That way, you are less likely to say yes when a friend contacts you last minute to hang out. If your relaxation time is on a week night, scheduling time also gives you a reason to work extra hard during the day so that you can leave right on time.

This week, my scheduled relaxation time is Saturday night from 6pm- bedtime, and Sunday morning from 9am-1pm. I have absolutely nothing planned for those two time periods. And right now, that sounds amazing.

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