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What is a Career anyway? Doesn’t it sound like a daunting word meant for older folks who wear suits or pencil skirts, and shiny black shoes? Doesn’t it make you feel like you should have a computer in front of you and be sitting at a cubicle desk? And that you should know exactly what type of work you will be doing in five years?

A Career isn’t so scary. A Career is essentially a path that each of us takes to make our lives interesting. Some people take paths that lead them to teach. Others walk down the path of doing business development for major companies. Still others work on the stuff that makes up the brains of computers, and great leaders find their ways into the Oval Office.

How do we make sure that we are on the right Career Paths, and what can we do to travel along faster? It is such a mystery to me, too! All I know is that inspiration is the psychological key we need to keep moving forward. We all need to be inspired in order to power on and reach for our goals.

I like to find inspiration through links. You may have figured it out by now. I love browsing the web for interesting things. I especially like to keep updated on the latest posts from my favorite inspiring sites. I subscribe to/visit these sites, and read through them every day.

Brazen Careerist Blog

Harvard Business Review Blog Network 

Penelope Trunk Blog (she is seriously the best)

Elite Daily- Motivation section

Seth Godin!

Also great:

LinkedIn Today- News Section (you will automatically see this if you sign up for LinkedIn)

Quotes!! This is an awesome Pinterest board created by CareerRealism (also where the photo above is from).


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