It’s The Weekend!


What a busy week it was! From projects at work to studying and blogging at home, the week has been a non-stop whirlwind of activity. All this busy-ness got me thinking about the business of careers. What drives us to work, other than financial gain? Do people work for personal fulfillment? Why are entrepreneurs so different from the “company man” type? How were the Fortune 500 businesses started and who are the people behind them?

We will be exploring the topics of Career and Business this upcoming week on Interesting Things. To gear up for the week, here are some links to peruse on this beautiful weekend =).

Mirrors Over Mentors.

Business traveling is now like backpacking through Europe.

Thinking small can lead to Big Things.

Where Google started.

How an entrepreneur got all 5 Shark Tank investors to pitch in $1 million.

Weird interview questions

This guy works constantly- and he loves it!

Do you ask these questions at work?

17 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss.

My pastor has a blog (how awesome is that?!) Why Not Having a Mentor Is Not an Excuse. 

The upside of being part of Gen Y.

Take risks.

And my favorite- Bill Gates Admits Control-alt-del was a mistake. LOL!

Have a good weekend!


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