Good Night’s Sleep Tip

Sleeping Habits

Did you know that people are naturally more comfortable in small spaces? Just like babies like to be swaddled, adults like the security that tight spaces provide. I found this out today while listening to a webinar on the importance of sleep. The speaker gave great advice for those who have trouble falling asleep at night. Try wrapping yourself up in your comforter.* The enclosed space will help your body feel safe, which will help you relax, which in turn helps you fall asleep.

Here are some more tips for a good night’s sleep.

Fun fact to ponder about- Humans like to be in small physical spaces because it makes them feel secure. But the space can’t be too small. Too small spaces feel claustrophobic. Aren’t relationships very similar? We like to be close to others, but the relationship can’t be so close that one party feels overwhelmed. Human nature is definitely interesting!

*Sleeping tip is from a CIGNA webinar.


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