Weirdest Places to Eat


I saw a guy eating a full-fledged BLT burger while boarding the commuter train. And since everyone around was (most likely) a weary NYC commuter, no one batted an eye when they saw it!

It reminded me of a time I was in college and running late for an exam that started at exactly 1:10 in the afternoon. I was so nervous that I had forgotten to eat breakfast and lunch, and I was starving. I got both pizza and a giant foot long sub from the dining hall. Then I boarded a jam-packed school bus that would take me to my exam. I was squeezed up against double doors with a sub in one hand and a pizza slice in another. I couldn’t help but take a bite of the sub. Then the pizza. Then the sub again. And pizza. Soon I gave up and just wolfed down both things.

Other weird places that I’ve eaten in:

-McDonalds at a pharmacy

-A whole meal complete with fried rice during Chinese language class in high school (at least it was culturally appropriate)

-Chocolate in the dentist’s waiting room

-Waffles (accidentally) during a moment of silence for a recently deceased faculty member during a school assembly

Also, I have a huge sweet tooth and especially love cake. Here are times/places that I have found are inappropriate for cake consumption:

-While standing next to a homeless person (I’m so sorry. I did give them a bagel once I realized)

-Forever21 stores

-At the gym while on the treadmill

-At the library (even if it is in the corner)

-While consoling a friend

Where is the weirdest place you have ever eaten? Did you get in trouble for it?


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