What Makes You Mad?

Asian Girl

A couple months ago, I was at busy Penn Station waiting for the 6:09 when I spotted a seat across the room. Excited to see an empty seat, I walked quickly (very quickly) over there to claim it. I reached it and was mentally patting myself on the back when the guy next to me goes, “I’m saving that seat.”

Oh gosh! I had no idea. I said “Oh sorry!” and got up.

I watched the seat from a distance. Person after person approached the seat and were promptly turned away by the same man. I checked the time. Ten minutes had gone by and the person he was saving the seat for was still nowhere to be seen. I was boiling over with madness!

Angrily, I walked over. “Excuse me, but this is ridiculous. There are tons of people standing, wanting to sit down, and there is still no one in this seat. I am going to sit here. If the person actually comes back then he or she can have it back.”

He shrugged.

I sat down. I sat down even though he was kind of dirty looking and smelled like weed. I sat there even though he was taking up the armrest. I sat there because I was mad.

Another five or so minutes go by. A woman arrived and looked expectantly at the seat I am sitting in. I said to the guy, “Is this the person you’re saving the seat for?”

He replied, “Yes.”

I got up.

Everyone gets mad. But not everyone gets mad over the same things.  The thing that makes me most mad is when people do not think of others around them. I also get mad when I see unfairness. And when I can’t find my favorite earrings. And a whole slew of other things! We are all human =)

What makes you mad? And what do you do to ease your madness?


2 thoughts on “What Makes You Mad?

  1. I hear ya, bad manners on public transportation always gets me peeved too. Here in HK, people don’t let people out of the train before they get on!! Even though there are A MILLION announcements and signs. (And this is a HK thing, not an Asia thing because people in Taiwan are so polite and wait). But what gets me extra mad is when a mother is pushing her daughter to cut in front of other people and get on the train first before letting other people off. It’s like, ok lady, if you have bad manners, fine. But goodness sakes, don’t teach it to your children!!

    • Here in NYC cell phone conversations on Buses. I think the word boundaries does not exist anymore. Sex is no big thing to talk about. Cheating etc with details. Texting has calmed it a little but still annoying. They say one day cells on trains underground possible. God I hope not.

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