It’s the Weekend!

New Jersey Atlantic City

Happy weekend from the NJ side of the river! I officially moved back this past Thursday and plan to stay for a while. This weekend is Labor Day weekend, and it started at 2pm this afternoon when the office closed early. It has been very relaxing so far.

I bought two pairs of shoes at Famous Footwear (YAY bogo + 20% off coupon!) A pair of Steve Madden P-Heaven Nude Patent Flats , which I have been coveting for over a year. My second pair was these Nike sneakers.

Since going to Maine I have been obsessed with everything lobsters. I read this interesting article  about lobster prices.

Now that I’m in NJ and have access to a larger fridge and storage I plan to do much more couponing.

Oxford added “twerk” to their dictionary. What is this world becoming??

Rosie’s Lullaby is a wonderful song.

How gorgeous is this NYC apartment? A girl can dream, right?

My family + my cousins are going to Sushi Palace on Sunday to celebrate two birthday babies. My cousin Lydia and my sister Nancy are both turning 20! Mmm all you can eat sashimi, here I come!!

(Picture above is of NJ Coastline, featuring Atlantic city. Found on this site)


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