Birds of a Feather Flock Together


I was taking a walk down Bowery on a Friday night when I noticed there were three girls, arm in arm, directly in front of me and all three looked exactly the same. They each had long hair, wore clubbing dresses and stilettos, and had thighs that showed their willingness to eat loads of Chinese take out while catching up on episodes of “Girls” at night. These realizations increased my interest and I quickened my pace so that I could get ahead of them. I sneaked a peek. They looked exactly the same from the front, too! Each was heavily made up and laughing.

I went home shortly after and decided to search the internet to find out why friends look similar to each other. I found this article, which explains that people are most attracted to those who are similar to them.

What an interesting thought. Have you ever come across this phenomenon?


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