It’s the Weekend!


What do real New Yorkers do on weekends? This is my last official weekend in NYC for a while so I’m gearing up for a crazy weekend filled with fun touristy activities, moving madness, and more. I’m planning to…

Go on a Hell’s Kitchen Dessert Tour .

Walk the High Line one more time as a pseudo New Yorker (since this article says it takes at least 2 years).

Create a playlist with all the songs on John Mayer’s Born and Raised Tour set list because I’m going to see him on Wednesday at Jones Beach. Watch out LIRR! I’m about to get superbly lost trying to figure you out for the first time. (By the way, don’t you love country John Mayer? I sure do. His harmonica cracked me up!).

Making a list of books to read for my long commutes to NYC and back from NJ. High school summer reading lists will be my inspiration.

Buy my cousin a squishable toasty for her upcoming birthday. Gosh she’s going to be 20! How the years fly by.

Tear up when I read this post about a beautiful marriage again. Hope I will have a home too one day.

Hang out with my favoritest person in the world. And pray to God she doesn’t take me to her fancy schmancy yoga class again. Everyone there is 50+ and a million times better than I am at the Warrior Pose.

(Found the gorgeous picture above of the High Line from this site)


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