Humans vs. Buildings

I was sitting at the kitchen counter with my mom one day over the holidays. We had just finished a meal and were casually flipping through newspapers in comfortable silence. All of a sudden, a thought appeared in my head. I said, “Mom, people are like buildings in certain locations.”

She looked puzzled, and asked me “Why is that, honey?”

I replied, “Well, I was thinking about where my office is located. Our building is conveniently located two stops from Penn Station and three stops from Port Authority on the subway express train. It is easy to get from that location to everywhere else in the city, it is close to the water, next to Chelsea Market and many restaurants, and neighbors with many other internet businesses. They are in center of everything and all they had to do was buy it.

There are other companies that build giant, multi-building campuses in the middle of nowhere. The location they pick is a fairly far away from the major cities, which requires people to drive distances to reach the campuses. They do not have many restaurants, stores, and other conveniences around. So they create them. Along with office space , they build cafeterias, convenience stores, and even children’s day care centers. They have everything around them, just as my building does, however, the difference is that they built it themselves.

People are like that. Some plant themselves in the middle of everything and swap resources with others around them. Others decide to build their lives from scratch and create large, self-sufficient structures.

Of course, we are all social beings who work better when resources are shared to a certain extent and people also require certain amounts of personal space. So in reality, not everyone is defined exactly like a building. But, then again, neither are buildings.”

My mom looked at me and said “That’s nice, dear” and went back to reading her paper.

I still think it was a pretty awesome realization.


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