Great Quote

I watched a very inspiring Ted video just now and it featured a guy named Ben Saunders. Ben is an explorer. He goes out into the world, and looks for adventures and sets new goals and challenges for himself every time he finishes accomplishing one. He climbs mountains, crosses continents, risks his life daily and I think it is ridiculous. Why do people do that to themselves? But, even though I think he is crazy, I admire him. What else is there to do in the world than to explore and make the most out of life? At the end of his video he made a great comment. “If I have learned anything in nearly 12 years now of dragging things around (he meant his ski equipment and other exploring stuff) it is that real, true inspiration and grace only comes from adversity and from challenge. From stepping away from what is comfortable and familiar and stepping into the unknown.”

How brilliant.


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