Fresh Faced

London Fresh Faced

Have you ever gone without make up? I almost never do. Although I never wear much, I always take five minutes in the morning to swipe on concealer and line the bottom of eyes with a pencil. When I woke up today, I felt a little lazy. It was Monday morning on Presidents’ Day after all! So I decided that in the spirit of a non-working lazy day, it would be a day off for my make up bag, too. Then, I grabbed my black, knee-length down coat, toasty knit gloves, and pulled on my favorite boots. I scampered downstairs with my reusable grocery bag, and burst through the front door.

At first I felt a little insecure. As a creature of habit I have used the same products and done the same routine for years. Not doing it today felt weird. And there is a security that comes with hiding a blemish. Being without felt a little…naked. But, I powered on. I took another step, then another, and some more. Soon I found myself skipping along Astor Place and heading towards the 6 train. What a beautiful day it was in NYC! There was a biting breeze, but nothing like the cold that was in the city yesterday and the day before.

I caught my reflection in a storefront window. I looked pretty much the same as I do every day. Yet, I felt different. I was fresh-faced and wide-eyed. I felt ready-to-take-on-the-world different. Hmm maybe I will go make up free more often.


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