2 Lobsters


Luke and Lora are two hungry lobsters.

Side by side,

They crawl the sea.

Luke and Lora want something to eat.

They look inside…

Lobster Inside

And outside…

Lobster outside

Pitter pat, pat, pat they go.

Look what Luke found! A clam.


Then another clam, and another clam!

Luke dances in a circle. He is on a roll.

Luke and Lora love to eat clams.

One day, a mysterious metal thing appears next to Luke and Lora’s cave.

Ghost Lobster Trap

Luke goes to see what the metal thing is.

Lora watches from the cave.

Luke sees fish in the metal thing. Mm breakfast!

Luke tiptoes in and eats the fish.

Lora follows close behind.

Oh no!

The metal thing is a cage! They are trapped!

Uh oh, the cage is moving now.

Where is it taking Luke and Lora?

Up, up, up they go.

Soon, Luke and Lora are above the ocean.

A human sprays them with water to help them breathe.

What a nice human.

Why is that human taking Lora away?

Lobster caught by fisherman

The human pinches Lora.

He is about to throw her back into the sea.

Another human is calling.


The human puts Lora down.

Lobsters in tank

Luke and Lora are in a tank in a room.

The room is full of humans.

Luke and Lora are trying to stay side by side.

But there are lots of other lobsters too.

Oh no! A hand is coming straight for Lora!

Luke watches Lora get taken away.

Luke sees Lora on a tray.

A human puts her down on the table next to the tank.

She looks like this now.

Lobster dinner

They start to pull her apart.

Luke pitter pats and turns around.

First, her right claw.

Now, her other one.

Then, they bend her backwards until….Crrraaacckk

Lora is in two.

They open her up.

“Lobster caviar!” they exclaim.

They eat up all their eggs.

The human comes back and reaches for Luke.

Luke knows where he is going.

A few minutes later, the human sets Luke down.

Luke is on a roll.

Lobster Roll

The End.

I wrote this because I had an interesting conversation with someone while in Maine. We were all eating lobsters and this particular person and I were talking about writing. They asked me, “What would you like to write?” And I said, creepily, “Dark children’s books.”

So I wrote one about Maine lobsters. They were delicious.


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